Handy Tips to Decorate Your Fireplace

The fireplace is not just any another part of a house. It is an important place where the family meets after a long day to spend some quality time together, a place where you welcome guests, and most importantly, a place by which the little ones leave milk and cookies for their beloved Santa on Christmas eve. Fireplaces also help uplift the overall aesthetics of the home. If you are planning to decorate your fireplace, the experts at Home Market Interiors can help. We are a one-stop-shop for designer screens for fireplace. To help you get started, we have compiled a list of some handy fireplace decoration ideas. Take a look.

1. Add Greenery

Most fireplaces are made of bricks or stones. These heavy materials often lend a masculine look to the fireplace and subdue the feministic appeal. To make the tone neutral, add a dash of greenery to your fireplace. If you have a big mantle, use tall grasses that blend with its height. For an attractive symmetric visual, consider using a tree on either side of the fireplace. If you have a small fireplace, hang a vine from the mantle for a sharp look. If your home has a traditional design, go for regal trees or small flowering plants. Some popular fireplace plants to choose from are: Christmas cactus, Areca palm, Ferns and Muehlenbeckia.

2. Use Screens

First things first, using fireplace screens is a must to allay safety concerns. Even with a controlled burn, pieces of coal and ember can pop out of the fireplace. To avoid these issues and keep curious pets and kids away from fire, use fireplace screens. The addition does not have to be boring. Choose from our range of hand hammered textures, the one that best blends with your home’s layout. Available in a wide array of finish colors and textures, our fireplace screens are sure to set your fireplace on fire.

3. Hang Decorative Pieces

When it comes to using art pieces to decorate your fireplace, you can either hang a hip gallery wall above the mantle or use a single large piece according to your taste. The artwork should not exceed two-thirds the size of the fire surround and the mantle. Choose an art piece that is narrower and wider than the edges of the mantle. To ensure the art piece’s appeal is not lost, choose a same colored frame as the wall.

4. Install Mirrors

Hanging mirrors above the fireplace is a time tested decor strategy. Mirrors reflect natural light and help accentuate the design features of the area. Use a statement mirror or a couple of matching ones and position them to flank the mantel. Before choosing mirrors for your fireplace, consider the width of the wall space. Use stud finders to secure heavy mirrors. If the fireplace area has a high ceiling, look for tall mirrors. For small rooms, use a plain mirror with a simple frame. If you want to give the wall above the mantle more dimension and depth, use an oval mirror with unconventional frame.

5. Install a Flat-screen TV Over the Mantel

For a clutter-free look, mount your flat-screen TV into the wall behind the panel. Enclose it using bifold doors. For coffered ceilings, use doors clad in beaded boards. You can also conceal the TV behind a cabinet. Place decorative items in a way that they do not block the screen. For a more classy and elegant look, frame the TV.

Ready to Set Up Your Fireplace?

Follow these decor ideas to provide a chic, urbane and contemporary makeover to your fireplace. To add a twist of tale, use seasonal flowers, slow-ripening fruits and tall grasses. For more interior design ideas or to buy furnishing and decor items, fill out our contact form or call (972) 318-2290.