A Comprehensive Guide To Choosing The Right Fireplace Screen

Choosing the right firescreen for your hearth can be overwhelming, especially when the market is awash with a number of choices. Today, you will find a variety of screens for fireplaces, such as single- or double-panel, practical or decorative, metallic or wooden fire screens. In order to narrow down your search to the perfect screen, you must have an idea of the measurements, material, and style you would need in firescreen and for what purpose. To help, here are some factors that you must consider when shopping for fireplace screens.


To get the right measurements, you need to first decide whether you want a single or multi-paneled fireplace screen. For single panel screens, make sure the measurements match the fire box with 1-3 inches extra in the height to provide a complete coverage to the fireplace. If you are planning to buy multi-panel fireplace screens you would need extra length to create a curved effect. When choosing a multi-panel screen, ensure that it is 10-12 inch extra in the length and 3-5 inches additional in the total height.


Fireplace screens are usually made of metal comprise of either a mesh or a glass panel. While mesh fireplace screens can prevent most of the embers from escaping the fireplace, glass screens provide the complete coverage against flying embers and sparks and also prevent unwanted airflow into the firebox, when not in use. The downside of glass screens is that if they are installed too close to the firebox, the glass is likely to break due to heat. A mesh screen, on the other hand, does not crack but might discolor in the long run. Also, opposed to the glass screen, mesh screen allows easy circulation of heat and air.

Flat guard or doors

Flat guard screens comprise a solid mesh panel that completely covers the fireplace opening. Flat guard with mesh screen offers an unobstructed view of the fire and make an ideal choice for small homes with curious kids and pets. Whereas, fireplace screens with doors fit snugly against the fireplace and offer easy access to the firebox, without moving the whole screen. Fireplace screens with doors are ideal for homes where the fireplace is used very frequently.

Decorative or functional fireplace screen

While functional fireplace screens are used to prevent sparks and embers from escaping the fireplace, decorative fireplace screens are used solely for decoration purpose. Though it’s easy to find a functional fireplace screen in an attractive design, it’s hard to find a decorative fireplace screen which is also functional. You can, however, use decorative fireplace screens in offseasons, such as spring and summer to camouflage the sooty firebox in your fireplace.

Wrap Up

Fireplace screens are a beautiful addition to your hearth as well as living space. Once you have selected the right screen, you can further enhance the beauty and function of your hearth by adding some complementing fireplace tools and holders. If you are looking for attractive and durable fireplace screens, Home Market Interiors has you covered. We provide a wide selection of fireplace screens including flat, single, and double panel screens all of which are made with hand-forged iron and cast iron. Should you wish to learn more about our products and services, feel free to call (972) 318-2290.