A Handy Guide to Buying That Perfect Rug for Living Area

Buying that perfect rug is, a tricky part of giving your living room a makeover. This can be made easy if you pay attention to the color, texture and size of the rug. Keep in mind these three essential elements while choosing a rug and your guests would not be able to contain themselves from praising your choice. The blog post will help you in understanding more about the three elements when shopping for a rug. Read on.


A rug is one of the largest pieces of furniture, so you need to consider texture and color of walls, curtains, sofa, and other decor elements present in the space. If there are already a lot of shades and colors in the room, settle for a rug in single color with a neutral tone or a shade that goes well with other furnishings. A rug with bold patterns and colors, on the other hand, is ideal for a living area with minimal shades.


Understand that the texture of the rug is more than the type of wool. The living room is a mix of textures, and a rug could harmonize the look and feel of the space. If the sofa in the room is made of velvet or suede, look for a rug with a smooth texture. Similarly, a fluffy rug will accentuate the look of the room that has leather sofa.


An ideal rug is the one that fits into the size of the seating area and all the furniture must be on it. You can compromise a bit with the size, but make sure that at least the front legs of the sofa are on the rug. The legs of guests who are sitting on the furniture must feel the rug and not the floor. Another point to factor in is that square rugs look great in square rooms and rectangular rugs are ideal if the room is in rectangular shape.

Wrapping Up

A rug is an artwork for the floor. While adding aesthetics to the space, it also provides comfort and warmth when compared with wooden, tile, concrete and marble floors. When you want to create a well-balanced space, turn to Home Market Interiors. We have a premium collection of kalaty rugs, handmade area rugs and imported rugs to define the living space in your house. Whether you want something with bold prints or earth-inspired patterns, we have a myriad of designs with a modern edge. To check out what’s in store, click here.