5 Creative Ways for Silk Floral Arrangements

Silk floral arrangement is a creative way to add some refinement to your home without having to completely redecorate. Flowers are the symbol of beauty and grace and have been used for decorating homes since time immemorial. Today, we not only use fresh flowers to decorate homes, but also beautiful silk flowers that look no less than real flowers. Also, silk flowers have an edge over fresh flowers as they are long lasting and can be used in countless decorative ways. If you want to grace up your home decor without overhauling entire interior, the post gives you five chic ways to use silk floral arrangements.

1. Simple Spool Centerpiece

Who had thought that a spool could be used for decorating flowers? Insert a stem of your favorite faux flower into the tube of assorted spools, and arrange them whichever way you like. They can be sparsely located around the home, decorated in a cluster, or patterned in a unique way. Use large flowers for this type of decoration.

2. Geometric Floral Pendants

If you are tired of using vases for floral decoration, go for geometric floral pendants. A geometric floral pendant is one of the perfect ways to spruce up your backyard and exterior windows. You can prepare it at home by using a wire and giving it a desirable shape. Once done cover it up with beautiful silk flowers.

3. Gilded Vases

Gilded vases are in vogue and are being popularly used for chic silk floral arrangements. You can either buy them online or prepare them at home by using mason jars and golden sheets. Gilded vases give an artistic appeal to the silk floral arrangement and can enhance the appeal of any room.

4. Tea Cup Garden

Large floral tea cups look beautiful when decorated with faux flowers. Use matching flowers that blend well with cup’s floral print, then place it on a round tray surrounded with spring green moss. Cover the cup with a hand-blown glass vase, which will give the arrangement a defined look. The best place to display tea cup garden is on the windowsill.

5. Flower-filled Birdcage

A vintage birdcage filled with flowers make a perfect centerpiece for every home. They are ideal for exterior decoration and the colorful floral arrangement inside the cage is a perfect way to depict freedom.

Wrap Up

Silk floral arrangements can be an overwhelming process, especially if you don’t find enough time. The best way to go about it is to hire professionals who are good at it and decorate your home the way you want it, without you having to run from pillar to post. Floral designers at Home Market Interiors are skilled and well equipped to install permanent botanicals that are sure to enhance the appeal and grandeur of your living spaces. For more details, fill out our contact form or call (972) 318-2290.