4 Recommendations for a Luxurious Living Space

A living room is often the most visible part of the house, and the way you decorate it reflects your personality. If you want your living room to be more than a cozy and comfortable space, we recommend adding some oomph factor to it. Redoing the decor doesn’t mean giving the place a complete overhaul. There are easy ways to glam things up in the living room, and make a statement. Let’s find out how you can give the living space a luxurious feel without doing away with the existing elements.

Art Work

An enticing piece of art could make the house feel more like a home. We recommend that you choose oil paintings, as they go well with any room interior, be it modern or vintage decor. Home Market Interiors has a selection of versatile art works from many genres to match your style. Each piece is made with high-quality material and age-old techniques by professional artists.

Fireplace Screen

When it comes to designing a glamorous living room, a fireplace screen is the perfect addition to the setting. Whether you settle for a traditional or contemporary design, it is sure to amp up the luxe factor in the room. Home Market Interiors has hand-forged iron and cast iron screens in rough, refined, old looking and smooth textures. Check out our range to make your pick.

Handcrafted Rug

Think of rug as an art for your floor. A handcrafted rug can create a show-stopping effect, if you put it in the right place. Go for bold geometrical patterns, unusual color combinations, or an interesting texture – and we bet that it won’t disappoint you. To get a better idea, check out the finest quality, handcrafted rugs at Home Market Interiors that portray the “Tradition for Today”.

Permanent Botanicals

Permanent botanicals enhance the appeal and grandeur of the living room. Get custom designed floral arrangements that stay beautiful for years. You can always mix a fresh flower arrangement to natural looking permanent botanicals and bring life to the space. For high-quality floral arrangement, you can get in touch with Home Market Interiors team.

Final Words

Making the living space feel chic and classy is all about adding the right pieces that may not be expensive, but are unique. Home Market Interiors has unique and distinctive items to add more impact to the living room and other spaces in the house. We are the one-stop-destination for your home interior design requirements such as silk floral designs, window treatments and furnishings and decor. If you are looking for a home design solution, call us at (972) 318-2290 or fill out the contact form.