10 Commandments to Maintain Handmade Area Rugs

Handmade rugs are a beautiful way to decorate your home and to pull a room together. Many people avoid purchasing area rugs mostly due to the commonly perceived notion that rugs collect dust and are hard to maintain. On contrary to popular misconception, area rugs are not only easy to maintain, but can also last for years. To help, here are ten commandments to maintain the sheen of your handmade area rugs.

1. Thou shalt avoid direct sunlight on your rugs in order to avoid their fading.
2. Thou shalt remove heavy furniture depressions by rubbing the affected area with a coin or any flat metal disc.
3. Thou shalt use a rug pad to double the life of your beautiful rug, especially in heavy footfall areas.
4. Thou shalt vacuum clean rugs on a daily basis to prevent dust accumulation.
5. Thou shalt vacuum only in the direction of the rug’s nap.
6. Thou shalt vacuum only with lower point suction, and use a new bag every time you clean the rug.
7. Thou shalt immediately remove the stains or spillage to avoid permanent spots.
8. Thou shalt avoid using chlorine-based bleach on the fringe. Chlorine weakens natural fiber on the rug, thereby making the fringe brittle over time.
9. Thou shalt store rugs wrapped in a cotton sheet, as they need a constant flow of air to breathe and to prevent mildew infestation.
10. Thou shalt seek professional help in case of extreme damage to the rug.

Wrap Up

No matter the type of rug you use, following these ten commandments will help you maintain the sheen of your area rugs for years. If you are looking for beautifully handcrafted area rugs, we at Home Market Interiors offer a wide selection of finest quality and innovative designs area rugs including hand-knotted, machine, and hand-tufted rugs. If you have any question related to any of the products listed with us, feel free to call at (972) 318-2290.